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Deck sealed with TWP 205

How will you start the deck refinishing process?

We will remove small items prior to starting. Large tables or grills will be moved from side to side, so they will not have to be taken off of the deck, and put back onto the deck once the job is complete.  Then we will pressure wash.

1: Pressure Washing:  All decks will be pressure washed prior to staining. We will then rinse off  the surrounding areas to make sure they are clean and free of pressure washing debris.

2. Loose nails: Wood naturally expands and contracts.  This will cause many of  nails to rise above the surface of the wood .   The Atlanta Wood Restoration Company will pound them back in. This ensures that we have a smooth surface for sanding.

3.  Sanding: Atlanta Wood Restoration will sand your deck prior to staining, where needed. We will sand the deck everywhere that it is needed, but extra attention  will be given to the hand rails.

4. Staining:  This part of the process sets us far apart from our competitors.  We will hand brush all of the deck, in its entirety. Your deck will not be sprayed!! This is  important for a few reasons:

a. Ensures that we apply the maximum amount of stain possible.
b. Provides a uniform look throughout the deck.
c. You will not have overspray on your house, cement, cars, etc.

When do I pay for the deck treatment?

No payment is expected until the job is completed to your satisfaction.