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Short answer is no. I am very confident we do the highest quality of work in the Atlanta area. Most of our work is acquired by word of mouth, so we have a natural incentive to make everyone happy. Along with having your return business, as decks are a maintenance issue. However, there is no practical/usable guarantee in this field of work. If another company offers you a guarantee, be sure to ask them exactly what is covered. For example will they come redo your deck free of charge if it appears to be slightly faded in 2 years? Our product is proven to last an average of 3 years in the Atlanta area. Newer decks usually about 1.5 years after the first treatment. Much of this depends on everything from the position of your house, type of wood, how much sun exposure the deck gets, how much usage, how much rain, etc. Be wary of any semi transparent sealant or sealing company that claims the deck sealant will last 5, 7, or 10 years. It isn’t possible.

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